14 Essential Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Travel Luggage Safe

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There are two stages to keeping your travel luggage safe: planning the proper travel luggage before you go and using it safely when you’re on the road exploring the planet.

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Before you go:

1. Pack and carry your bags

Don’t offer to hold anything for anyone else. This might sound like sense, but there are many stories of unsuspecting travelers trying to assist out their new-found travel companion only to finish up carrying something illegal. By all means, make new friends on the road, but allow them to carry their stuff.

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2. Understand quarantine laws

Be aware of quarantine laws and confirm you are not importing illegal substances – which might be as innocent as fruit or wood carvings – or as sinister because of the body parts of endangered animals. In some countries, the penalties are much harsher than a verbal telling off – in Australia for instance, you’ll receive an on-the-spot fine of up to AU $220, or, for a significant offense, you’ll be prosecuted and face a fine of up to AU $66,000 or 10 years’ imprisonment.


3. Get the proper gear for your trip

Think about what proportion gear you would like to require (trust us, less is more) then consider what percentage bags you would like. it’s much easier to urge around and keep an eye fixed on one bag than two.

Take a sturdy bag that’s tough to tamper with and keep it securely locked. If you’re traveling to us, confirm your luggage lock is following their specific baggage lock requirements – these are often opened by security officers using universal “master keys so that your locks do not have to be cut.


4. Don’t scrimp on good quality locks

When you’re finding a lock for your luggage, get one that can protect your bag against multiple sorts of attacks. Do your research to seek out out whether a particular lock is suitable for the sort of bag you’ve got. As a general rule, get a lock that features a higher pick resistance. The key’s to form sure your luggage is just too much of a hassle for a thief to even bother! And if need be, secure your bag with quite one lock


5. Get a hard-sided travel luggage

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Hard-sided luggage may cost you more but it’s better than cloth luggage. this may prevent your bag from a pen puncture attack. just in case you didn’t know, that’s a standard method thieves use to steal items from your bag without you even knowing! tough case luggage also has a minimum of 2 fasteners for you to put your locks on. So, meaning more protection

#Tip: confirm your luggage carry-on material is solid and can not be easily broken. Also, do check to ascertain if the lid is tightly sealed when closed even when it isn’t yet zipped.



6. Wrap your travel luggage in wrapping

This might sound like an unnecessary extra step but trust us, it’s very worth it! Wrapping your entire luggage in wrapping makes it EXTREMELY difficult for thieves to realize access thereto. Having to travel through all the difficulty ripping through the plastic and therefore the noise will make any thief consider before targeting your bag.

# Tip: Do make sure that the wrapping complies together with your airline’s luggage standards and safety inspection. you will not want to waste all of your money and effort!


7. Secure your travel luggage with a strap

You’ve probably seen luggage’s at the airport with colorful straps on and wondering what they’re for. Well, those colorful luggage belts you see the act as an additional sort of protection for your luggage. It keeps the bags zips and fasteners from popping open. albeit thieves tamper with the zippers, these straps make it difficult for them to succeed in into your bag.

# Tip: There are many sorts of bags straps out there but we recommend getting those with a mixture lock!

8. Keep electronics & valuables with you

Last but not least, don’t put any electronics or valuables in your check-in luggage. or maybe meaningful souvenirs for that matter! Yes, we feel you, sometimes towards the top of your trip you only want to go away everything in your luggage but like they always say, prevention is best than cure. And you’ve got the responsibility of keeping your valuables safe. albeit it’d be a hassle lugging them around sometimes, the trouble will certainly pay off


9. Always take zip ties for your travel luggage

Although these don’t replace a secure lock, sometimes zip ties are incredibly useful for creating sure your bags aren’t tampered with. you’ll easily cut them off, but they prevent quick access for opportunists.

Black or white ones are the foremost common, but you’ll mix it up a touch with some colors for extra identification.

10. Get the proper travel insurance for your trip

Lost luggage is extremely inconvenient, and maybe expensive to exchange, alongside the contents. To ease the pain, confirm you get the proper level of insurance cover, especially if you’re carrying expensive cameras, laptops, or smartphones. Read the policy description all the way through, and check these valuable items that are going to be fully covered.

11. Be prepared to lose stuff

Good, light packing is a kind, but the essential advice isn’t to pack anything which you could not bear to spare especially sentimental and valuable belongings. But sometimes with lost luggage, it is the bag itself that you simply miss most… seasoned travelers can spend an extended time checking out the last word backpack



How to stay your luggage safe while traveling:


12. Never, ever leave your bag unattended

At the beach, during a café, or maybe the airport lounge, always keep your luggage with you or have a trusted traveling companion mind it for you. confirm your bedroom is secure and cash in of hotel safes (as long as they’re reliable).

If you are doing leave your luggage in your room, confirm you lock up the zips, etc. Although someone could steal the entire bag, the aim is to form it harder for any opportunistic thief, as trying to chop a lock-off is sort of difficult.

Thieves can act with extraordinary alacrity and your bag can vanish or have stuff selectively swiped from it within the blink of an eye fixed. Always keep your valuables (especially passport and money) well-hidden on your person, instead of in your luggage.

If you’re sitting during a café or restaurant, slip the strap of your bag around your chair leg or secure it to the table (see those zip-ties might are available handy here, too).

13. Keep your valuables with you

What happens once you can’t keep your valuables with you; the roof of the chicken-bus is that the only place large enough for your whopping 90-liter backpack?

14. Secure your daypack

In crowded areas, like markets or train stations, it’s knowing to wear your daypack on the front – you would possibly look a touch uncool hugging your bag, but a minimum of it isn’t exposed to the planet. People often think that they might tell if someone was reaching into their bag, but this is not always the case; it’s another all-too-familiar claim story.

While you’re busy preparing your itinerary and your packing list for your upcoming trip, do bear in mind the following pointers. Remember, it is often best to require these precautions albeit it costs you a touch longer or money. small negligence could cause your items to be stolen or damaged.

So, all the simplest for your trip and travel smart! and do not forget to SHARE this with your friends and family or anyone else you recognize will enjoy the following pointers.





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