4 Things You Should Read About Your LifeProof Case

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LifeProof cases are designed to live up to lifestyle challenges while keeping you and your extra appendage looking stylish. These cases are sleek and slim, but still meet military specifications, supplying you with the liberty to travel anywhere and do anything. So whether you’re on the fence about buying a LifeProof case otherwise you just ordered yours (congrats!), here are four belongings you should realize LifeProof cases.

It is Grit Resistant.

Have you ever suffered from dandruff? You recognize, you spend a fabulous day absorbing the rays at the beach only to urge home and realize you continue to have many grains of sand still in your hair, even after you’ve showered. It almost ruins all the fun you only had. Fortunately, if you’re headed to the beach this summer or albeit you’ll just be pretending you’re while twiddling with your little ones within the backyard sandbox. You can take your custom iPhone 6 case. Whatever iPhone generation you’ve got, with you and never worry about sand getting stuck in your phone’s crevices. LifeProof cases completely protect your phone from even the tiniest grain of girt and do so. When your phone is in your beach bag or when you’re using it to require selfies or make a call. LifeProof cases also are immune to dirt and mud.

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They’re spill-proof above to 6.6 feet.

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According to a 2016 survey from Verizon, 49% of yank mobile owners have broken their phone. And of the top-5 ways people have died their phone, 2 of these answers addressed throwing and dropping their phone. So if you’re known to be a Messi, this case will protect your screen. Your whole phone, and you from having to expend money replacing it. It’s completely klutz-proof, also as kid-proof and pet-proof. A LifeProof case will save your phone from your toddler. Who gets upset that. His Netflix show ended and decides to throw your phone on the bottom. When Fido excitedly jumps up to greet you once you get home and knocks your cellphone onto the hardwood floor. And perhaps you ought to also get one for your “passionate” husband who doesn’t tend to handle his team losing alright. As long as you’re not above 6.6 feet, your phone will survive the drop during a LifeProof case.

Each cover is water tested.

In the identical Verizon metering alluded above, the No. 1 reason people broke their phone was dropping it in water, and therefore the No. 2 reason also has got to do with water, as 42% of these surveyed had sent their phone through the washer. Yikes! If you’ve ever been a victim of either, or are worried that within the future”> at some point you’re getting to drop it in the sink or maybe worse, the restroom, you don’t get to be. Each case is leakproof and submersible up to six .6 feet of water for up to 1 hour. And every issue is factory water tested, while random points also undergo a second water test. Now you’ll FaceTime your kids while getting a surf lesson during your romantic Hawaii getaway and know that your phone will stay dry.

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To ensure your case is waterproof, Lifeproof recommends performing a pre-installation water test. If you propose to show your device to water. They recommend performing this test whenever before completely submerging your phone in water to make sure your case quality and waterproofness hasn’t been compromised from use or damage.



Snap case front and back together

Close charge port door and jackscrew cover in

Submerge in water for a half-hour

Remove, dry, and appearance inside for moisture

Open charge port door and use a coin to separate cases.

What are the  variety in LifeProof Fre covers and LifeProof Nuud cases

The two cases are waterproof, drop-confirmation, shockproof, thin, and testing, however. The most basic contrast is that the LifeProof Nuud cases do exclude a screen defender.

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If you’re susceptible to crack or broken screens, the LifeProof Fre is the clear choice for you. However, if you enjoy your screen’s usability and, therefore, the overall profile of your iPhone without a case, the LifeProof Nuud is right for you. While the Lifeproof Nuud cases don’t include a screen protector, they’re still waterproof and otherwise as durable because the Lifeproof Fre while supplying you with hassle-free use of your iPhone’s touchscreen.


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