Actual Cost of a Canvas Print

5 panel canvas art canvas prints

Have you ever thought about how much it cost to manufacture one canvas art prints?

For those that haven’t, allow me to walk you thru canvas print cost. That bound to be an eye-opening and insightful process to acknowledge and appreciate a fundamental component of your business.

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While you’ll enter this looking to supply the most cost-effective canvas art prints on discount canvas.  You’ll find that the value of high-quality canvas isn’t the maximum amount as you thought. Either way, let’s get our numbers straight and pin down the important cost of one canvas print.

Cost Per Canvas Art Prints

Let me begin by posing a question. Would you pay $1 per print to make sure that each would last 100 years without fading or yellowing? What if that very same dollar also gave you the chance to print the widest possible spectrum of colors.  With the best amount of density and sharpest resolution that an inkjet canvas art prints are able to produce?

How regarding if that exact same dollar additionally gave you the conceitedness to honestly tell each of your customers that everyone in each of your prints is formed exploitation the best and most technologically advanced inkjet canvas obtainable today?

The obvious answers to those questions are yes, yes, and yes. Let’s explain it

Inspiration on Canvas Art Prints

The inspiration for this text comes from several discussions. Art printmakers surprised to find out the true cost difference per print of employing a  high-quality, archival certified canvas versus an economy grade canvas that contains optical-brightener additives and is vulnerable to yellowing and fading over time.

After doing the maths on a 24”x24” print,  the value difference is merely one  dollar. Each of those printmakers has admitted that they had only been considering the value difference on a whole roll of canvas, but after the value is weakened per print, choosing the upper-quality canvas is a simple decision.

Such is that the case once you compare our 800M canvas – an economy grade canvas that’s very competitive in price.

The same also can be said (albeit to a good lesser degree) when comparing our Chromata White canvas with our state-of-the-art Live Canvas – which delivers 15-20% color gamut, Dmax, fine detail/resolution over the Chromata White (a claim widely supported by a number of the foremost well-respected photographers and printmakers during this business, as seen on our reviews page) – the difference here is merely  36 cents!

Lowering Costs

If prices square measure your greatest concern, this analysis shows that there square measure higher ways that to lower prices that won’t need you to compromise print quality or longevity.

For example, stretcher bars structure the maximum amount as 60% of your overall cost per print. Amazing, isn’t it? Therefore, start by economizing your stretcher bars & the stretching procedure overall.

If you’re outsourcing your stretching, bring it in house. If you already do your own stretching and use bars made up of pinewood, switch to the fir wood. Fir can a touch tougher to urge won’t to, but you’ll save 50% or more in most cases. And once you’re volume grows massive enough, don’t get pre-made bars, use 12’ stretcher sticks and cut/join them in house.

You’ll cut a minimum of another 50%. As you grow, each of those actions will significantly drop your stretching costs,  and thus the bulk  of your cost per print.

After running your own numbers and considering the knowledge presented during this article,  you’ve got to ask yourself the subsequent questions: Does it add up to compromise my print quality and forego 100-year archival certification to save lots of  $1? Would I pay $1 per print for the ability to provide a lot of beautiful and correct canvas prints than my competition?

Let’s take a flash to seem at this issue from your customer’s viewpoint.

Suppose you offered your own customer the choice to pay $1 more for these benefits….would they take it? How about an additional  36 cents for an upgrade from an honest canvas to a state-of-the-art canvas….would they take that deal? Would you’re taking that deal?

We provide the $1 upgrade and therefore the  $.36 upgrade from there.  the selection is yours on which canvas you employ to represent your business. All we hope to accomplish with this text is that you simply have the tools to form an informed decision which you select wisely.


The one thing you’ll always remember as a printmaker is that you simply have one product that creates or breaks you – the print.

Each print forever bears your signature. The way your prints perform for your customers against your competition. And time will define you and your reputation. Before you compromise or perform on quality, it’s best to know what the important costs are of doing so and to weigh these costs with the advantages and risks related to these decisions.

I sincerely hope that this text is thought-provoking and causes introspection within your own business. And therefore the decisions you’re making a day, which could have a greater impact than previously realized.

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