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History of Charms jewelry

Charms jewelry is popular from as early as 500 B.C. when Assyrians, Babylonians, and even Persians wore charms that they related to special powers. In recent years gold charms and silver charms are getting popular once more.

In England, during Victorian times, charm jewelry was also popular when charm bracelets were the most stylish attire among women for spiritual protection and stylish jewelry. People knew Victoria to wear charm bracelets containing tiny pictures of relations.

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Charm fashions didn’t become popular within the U.S. before the 1940s. In those times, warriors often collected gold and silver charms from war cities.

Today people most frequently purchase charm jewelry as a keepsake. Because many charms are theme-based, while others are sentimental. Often people purchase these as a gift of a visit or reminder of a special day. People even pass down the charms from generation to generation as family heirlooms, often given to children when younger.



Italian Charms jewelry

Italian charm bracelets are mostly similar to traditional silver charms or gold charms.  People fashion most charm bracelets with the charms dangling from a chain.

However, they make Italian charm bracelets with the charms soldered to flat links which will be far away from a stretch bracelet. One can easily switch charms on and off counting on the owner’s personal preference. Italian charm bracelets are a singular and fun twist on the quality charm bracelet because they’re dynamic, fun to wear, and stylish.


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Popular among the young and old alike, these link style charm bracelets are usually made from top quality, hypo-allergenic chrome steel. The particular charms could also be fashioned from a spread of various materials including 14 or 18k gold.

Most charm bracelets are available standard sizes, small-medium-large. Some Italian charm bracelets sizes are categorized as follows:

  • Small – includes 17 charm links
  • Medium – contains 18 charm links
  • Large – contains 19 charm links



Traditional Charms jewelry

People made traditional charm bracelets from a silver or gold chain with charms dangling. There are many different styles and themes to settle on from when purchasing traditional charm jewelry.



A number of the more common themes and designs of charm bracelets available include:

  • Beach lover themes
  • Victorian-style charms
  • Vintage charm jewelry
  • Memoir or locket style charms
  • Silver charms
  • Gold charms
  • Gemstone charms

Traditional charm bracelets make superb gifts. You’ll find a charm to represent almost any interest, hobby, or theme. Sports, animals, travel, landscapes… you name it!

Within the world of charms, almost anything is feasible. Many of us enjoy receiving and exchanging charms as a part of a hobby or friendship building. Others expire charm jewelry as a part of family traditions.

People fashion charm jewelry with lockets which they use for most ordinarily the sort of family heirlooms. Perhaps the simplest facet of charm gifts is that they will modify the charm at any point in time to reflect an individual’s changing interests and elegance preferences. They can even upgrade the bracelets or chains over time without losing the first charms.




People make up the charm bracelets of Silver charms and gold charms may run anywhere from $2 all the high to $2000 counting on the materials You’ll purchase chains or starter charm bracelets with none dangles for the $20 or less price home in most cases.

Moreover, less costly versions crafted of alloy with one charm are often purchased. The costlier charms are usually gold charms crafted of 18k gold with diamonds and other precious gems embedded within the charm.

Moreover, Italian charm bracelets $10 to $100 or more counting on the standard, and therefore the charms included. Their affordability makes them very fashionable among younger consumers, who have an interest in investing in trendy jewelry that will not break the bank.

Price also will vary counting on the number of charms that come pre-fashioned with a specific piece of jewelry. Confine mind that with charm bracelets, you’ll start with as little as 1 charm or invest a bracelet that has several charms pre-selected. The alternatives are endless when it involves charm jewelry.



Building an Exceptional Charms Bracelet

Anyone can create their unique charm bracelet, whether Italian style or traditional. If you cannot find something that exactly fits your needs and personality, why not create your own?

Crafting customized charm jewelry is increasingly popular among jewelry fans in all ages day by day. You’ll even create your personalized family heirloom because of the flexibility charm jewelry has got to offer.

Once you opt this you’ll choose a starter chain bracelet. There are many different starter bracelets to settle on from. Consider your personal preferences. Does one prefer the design of gold or silver? Perhaps you wish a mixture of both? You’ll also want to possess a thought of what size starter bracelet you would like.

Often you’ll tell this by measuring your wrist. You’ll do that by taking your thumb and finger and wrapping around your wrist. If your two fingers just touch, you’ll likely need a medium. Similarly, if they overlap, a little charm bracelet will work best for you. On the other hand, if these fingers don’t touch, then you will probably need an outsized.

Once someone selected you to get a kind of chain and sizing, you’ll begin selecting the right charms! Consider a topic, charms that represent personal interests, places you want to visit, or hobbies.

Remember that charm bracelet is a fun and unique way of shopping for or making jewelry that uniquely expresses your style and personality!


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