Do iPhone X Cases Suitable For The iPhone XS?

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The iPhone X and iPhone XS convey huge amounts of likenesses as far as to plan, yet as usual, one among the most significant inquiries is whether or not cases for the iPhone 10 will fit the current year’s model.

The iPhone X and iPhone XS highlight a comparable measurements, both estimating in at 143.6*70.9*7.7 mm (5.65*2.79*0.30 in). This infers every one iPhone 10 cases will completely fit the XS. That, notwithstanding, isn’t obvious.

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Do iPhone X Cover Suitable For The iPhone XS?

The appropriate response is somewhat. As we noticed, the camera knock on the iPhone XS is somewhat greater than it’s on the iPhone X. This is regularly likely gratitude to the very actuality that the  XS includes a wide-edge sensor that is 32 percent bigger than the one found on the iPhone 10.

The iPhone XS camera knock quantifies in at 25.50 mm tall. Which is somewhat taller than the 24.13 mm of the iPhone X’s camera knock.

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Of note, Apple isn’t showcasing its iPhone 10 cases as good with the iPhone XS nor are the XS cases likewise recorded as perfect with the iPhone 10. The camera opening on the iPhone X case estimates 25.39mm tall. While the pattern on the iPhone XS case is 25.6mm.


I’m not catching this’ meaning for cases? In many cases, you’ll likely be consummately utilizing an iPhone X case with the XS or the opposite way around. There could be a touch smidgen of a blemished fit round the camera. This may not influence the real camera innovation or photograph quality at all.


Outsider case producers are commonly far less exact than Apple. Which is the reason a few organizations are advertising their iPhone 10 and iPhone XS cases as being indistinguishable.

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