Emergence of Canvas in Art

2 piece abstract art

As an artist, one among the simplest ways to display your talents is on canvas abstract art. From masterful paintings to photo Canvas in Art prints. There’s just something about this material that provides a way of prestige.

But did you know that canvas may be a recent development in art history?

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40 inch round canvas

History of Canvas Abstract Art

Historically made up of tightly-woven hemp, the word canvas comes from the Latin cannabis. Its usual usage starts in the 16th century during the Italian Renaissance. Venetian painters were moreover passionate about taking advantage of the canvas.

Because it had been easier for them to use during a humid environment than frescos or wood panels. They also had an outsized, cheap supply readily available—given that the fabric.

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There are various other benefits of canvas that made them gradually replace wood panels. One important fact about canvas is that you can make a larger format of it and carry it easily. They’re also less susceptible to the warping and cracking which will occur with wood panels.

These factors, amongst many others, led to the continued diffusion of the canvas. Soon, the Spanish began to require up canvas art, following the Italian example.

An outsized canvas dominates Diego Velázquez’s iconic painting Las Meninas. Confirming that the canvas was suitable also for royalty.

5 panel canvas art

3 piece canvas paintings

‘Las Meninas’ by Diego Velázquez. Oil on canvas. 1656-1657

By the 17th century, the canvas had expanse all over northern Europe. Superseding panels because of the dominant support for paintings, a trend that continues today.

Not only used for oil painting. But artists have also expanded its use to everything from acrylic and embroidery to photo canvas prints. But canvas still allows photographers and painters to display their art professionally.

How is canvas abstract art made?

Though linen and hemp can still be found today but canvas doesn’t make from them. Cotton is mostly used ingredients to make industrial canvases. Keeping the worth of canvas economical, cotton also stretches. Meaning the artwork is a smaller amount susceptible to cracking and damage. Cotton increases canvas strength and artists can select canvas supported how tightly the cotton is woven.

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The canvas is then wrapped around wooden stretchers and ready for paint using gesso. The gesso layer protects the canvas from the direct touch of paint. Because paint can be the cause of canvas degradation.

Some artists like better to do the treatment themselves. Because it gives greater flexibility about what proportion of the canvas weave shows. Numerous artists enjoy incorporating this field into their artwork.

3 piece wall canvas
The Rise of Photo Canvas Prints

Due to continuous technology development many more artists inspiring to print their art digitally.

Since the 1990s, photographers are also forming canvas prints. Presenting their photographs within the same manner as master painters.

Even if you are not a master painter, technology has made it easier than ever to make cheap canvas prints. High-quality printing means photographs from the special moments in your life are often placed on the canvas.

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And hung directly on your wall, for a gorgeous thanks to decorating your home with slightly of sophistication. Whether it’s a photograph, a piece of digital art, or a scan of your child’s favorite drawing.

Durable and available in many various sizes. These affordable canvas prints allow everyone to desire a master artist without having to select up a brush.

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