Should You Set Canvas Prints in Your Wall?

24 by 36 abstract canvas art

This is probably among the highest questions we get asked often — What sort of abstract canvas art Prints in Your Wall should you choose? What kind of prints should I take, paper or canvas?  what is going to look great on my wall?

It appears many of you’re still confused about this. So, during this post, I’ll address the pros and cons of canvas prints and hopefully, after reading this, you’ll be ready to decide for yourselves.

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You know, there are mainly four sorts of prints.  The essential one printed on printing paper, the medium one printed on synthetic archival type paper and therefore the top quality ones printed on canvas.  Then there are even costlier options in metal and acrylic.

Of course, you’ll buy any of those, but if you would like something grand and different, I might suggest canvas prints.

Here is why…

Canvas prints are classy

Would you wish a classic painterly look on your wall? Then you’ll definitely love the textured finish of abstract canvas art prints. As advanced inkjet printing use to create canvas prints that make them look like original paintings. You’ll even feel the clean brushstrokes once you print paintings onto a canvas.  Due to the nature of the canvas, every canvas print features a textured look. This textured look and therefore the matte coating reflects less light and as a result, you’ll enjoy a glare-free view almost like that of an ingenious painting.

3 piece canvas art
big art canvas

Painterly look on a canvas print

Not only that, but canvas prints are also the very best quality of art reproductions available. Because the canvas exploits color better than paper. This provides them a softer, pleasing look. The use of high-quality canvas and preservation ink makes the replica feel like the original art.

And guess what, if you retain an ingenious painting and canvas print side by side, you won’t quickly recognize a canvas print – it’s how perfect these are!

You can make larger Canvas Prints in Your Wall

There’s a limit to how large a paper print can go. For a paper print to seem better, it should be of a minimum of 300 PPI (Pixels per Inch) resolutions. Otherwise, your print will look pixelated.

But, you’ll relax this limit with abstract canvas art prints.  Due to the difference in color absorption, you’ll print larger sizes of canvas prints even at a lower resolution.

So, if you’re brooding about hanging an outsized art print, canvas prints are those you ought to buy!

canvas wrapping service

3x3 canvas
3d canvas wall art

Canvas prints produce better colors

Do you know museum curators prefer canvas prints over other forms of prints?

That’s because canvases produce colors more accurately than other sorts of prints. And there’s a reason for it.

Printing on to canvas requires specialized skills and only professionals within the field have the knowledge and knowledge to form a top-quality print. The pros use better quality products for printing – wide gamut canvases, specialized fast-reacting solvent inks and top of the road printers. As a result – you get a carefully produced, higher quality, rich in colors print those last generations.

On the other hand, every canvas print features a specialized coating that conserves the print from dust and moisture. This coating also works as an anti-glare film reducing light reflection – making it more enjoyable to look at even under light – leading to vivid and bright art reproductions with better colors.

Abstract Canvas Art prints are easy on decor

Canvas prints are simple and affordable thanks to changing the design of your walls.  You’ll decorate your home with canvas prints mainly in two ways. Either do normally what you do or stretch it on to a wooden frame.

The stretched, gallery wrapped frames weigh but conventional frames as they don’t need glass or any quite protection keeps them safe.  Due to this, these canvas art pieces are easy to hold on the wall and also are easier to wash.

This almost frames-less presentation creates a window into the scene and simply blends with most sorts of interior design. Since there are not any mats or borders to those art pieces, the whole size fills with artwork giving a singular visual appearance.

Large multi-panel canvas art

You can also decorate your wall with multi-panel canvases made by splitting one panoramic artwork into multiple parts.  The dimensions and number of those panels depend on the dimensions of your wall.  They’re also perfect to lift the mood of your home.  They will be an excellent focus art pieces on the walls above a front room sofa or a hearth mantle.

30x40 canvas print

It’s super easy to wash Canvas Prints in Your Wall

No matter how well you’ve got maintained you home, dust will settle and spiders would make a multitude on these prints. Then, you would like to wash your art collection.

That said, you don’t need to worry an excessive amount of about cleaning a canvas print. Because it is very easy to clean canvas print.

The canvas prints accompany a sort of protective coating. This coating is water-resistant and saves the art from harmful UV rays, dust and other atmospheric particles. This layer also protects your art from fingerprint smudges.

To get rid of the dirt from the canvas surface you need to use a light-weight damp cloth or an artist brush to clean the canvas art print. Once cleaned, you’ll even dry the canvas in sunlight.


But, an equivalent would be damaging with paper-based prints, because it might dampen the paper and fade its color. So, once more you’ll see that canvas prints are a far better buy for your wall.

Abstract Canvas Art Prints in Your Wall are a lot more durable

When you buy something for your home, you would like it to last long, right? The canvas prints are an ideal match for this purpose.

There are two sorts of canvas used for printing. One is 100% cotton, the other is plastic compounds and both are similarly durable.

Both of those are better at fighting the weather of nature and thus last longer than normal prints on paper.

That’s not the sole advantage of using canvas prints. They don’t fade like normal paper.  Have you ever noticed regular paper turning yellow once they are long exposed to nature? Well, that takes longer with regular canvas prints and doesn’t happen in the least with plastic-based canvas prints.

So what we’ve learned here?

Canvas prints are way more long-lasting than paper-based prints. And interestingly, almost every canvas-manufacturing company has come to the same conclusion – that canvas prints have a lifetime of 100+ years.

Now, do you have to choose canvas prints?

After reading thus far, you’ll be of the notion that canvas prints are a far better choice.  That can’t be true always. It depends. Your selection is commonly stricken by several factors — the type of design you’d wish to print, budget, your choices, size of the wall and space where you would like to stay this artwork and eventually   the inside design of your home.

The texture on canvas prints

Some of these reasons should be obvious. For others, let me explain. Let’s say, you would like to print photographs on canvas — this is often usually not recommended.  Due to the textured matte finish, photographs printed on canvas are often distracting to some people. So, if you’re the one who just likes the glossy smooth finishes, then canvas print isn’t for you. On  the opposite  hand, if  you would like  your art reproduction  to seem  almost  just like the  original,  you ought to accompany  a canvas print.

3 canvas wall art

Canvas print with other sorts of wall art

Now let’s mention interior design. It’s not advised to mix existing wall art with canvas art. Adding a stretched canvas with a framed wall art would spoil the mood. The same is that the true, if you have already got   an ingenious art on your wall – they don’t match well together. Likewise, if your home features a minimalistic look, you ought to   stand back from colorful canvases. Framed black and white wall art would be perfect for those homes. Along an equivalent line, if your home has traditional Indian interior design, colorful stretched canvases would be a far better choice. Of course, there are often exceptions – it all finally depends on your existing decor.

It doesn’t end with interior design – the space size also can affect your selection.  For instance, if your house has smaller rooms, canvases are usually not recommended. Because, smaller rooms tend to possess limited wall size and shorter viewing distances — both of which are important for a canvas art to show up spectacular. For those homes, framed prints are the simplest alternative choice.

And lastly, your budget. Canvas prints are usually 5-15 times costlier   to supply than traditional paper prints. So, if  you’re trying to find   a reasonable  solution  to embellish your wall,  you’ll want to ditch canvas and  to travel  for paper prints. But, if you would like to personalize your space with something unique, grand and long-lasting, you ought to pick canvas prints.

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