The Best 10 TSA-Approved Luggage Locks For International Travelers

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TSA-Approved Luggage Locks can help to keep your belongings secure while you travel internationally. From traditional padlocks and keys to state-of-the-art card locks, there are plenty of options out there for you to settle on from.

To help you cut in on your search, here’s all the knowledge you would like to understand which luggage locks could be best for you.

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The Best Travel Luggage Locks


1. Tarriss TSA Lock with SearchAlert – 2 Pack Luggage Locks

These two flexible cable locks offer great value for money and have a lifetime warranty. TSA recognized and accepted across the U.S, your bags are often checked without being broken into. The SearchAlert indicator will allow you to know when your bag has been electronically searched, while the locks keep your belongings safe from thieves.

The easy to read three-dial combination is often set to any combination of your choosing, and therefore the flexible cable can easily weave its way through zippers and other material. made up of high strength zinc alloy, these locks will provide a lifetime of security and peace of mind.



2. AnvilTSA Approved Luggage Locks

This set of 4 luggage locks is ideal for families traveling together. You can quickly and simply set your four-digit combination to assist keep thieves far away from your belongings while in transit.

The ultra-durable zinc alloy bodies and hardened steel shackles make sure that your luggage lock will make it through all types of rough airport handling. While the TSA approved design will make sure that agents can gain quick access to your luggage without causing any damage.

With easy to read dials and quick-set combinations, these little locks have a singular window design. That design creates your combination easy to read, while continually protecting the lock dials from damage while you travel.



3. Lumintrail TSA Approved All Metal lock

TSA agents can easily lock and unlock these TSA Approved locks. They made these locks from coated steel with an unbreakable steel shackle. These locks will protect your luggage from being broken into.

Perfect to be used on backpacks, bags, and suitcases, these beauties have convenient 4 digit personalized combinations, meaning you’ll choose a memorable combination for your convenience.

This excellent value travel pack comes with two security travel locks and a couple of x 4” flexible steel cables for added safety and security, both in transit and once you reach your destination.



4. TSA Travel Luggage Strap with Approved Lock

It’s impressive strap and lock combination will keep your luggage secure and safe. TSA Approved, this may keep your belongings safe and secure while in transit. Just set your passcode, and adjust the strap to suit your case, and you’re able to go.

If you would like to face out from the gang, this strap and lock combination will set your luggage aside from other cases at the baggage claim. And also keep your luggage safe while you travel.



5. Forge TSA Approved Luggage Locks

Must say, they designed these locks super tough. These locks have alloy bodies, hardened steel shackles, and an indoor mechanism. That combination is strong enough to require a correct pounding in transit. This set of 4 locks uses a complicated dimple key and steel tumbler system, as against the old-style biting key system.

Perfect for families or those traveling with tons of bags, each of the locks will work with one key.



6. Master Lock 4688D Luggage Lock

These TSA Approved luggage locks are cheap, perfect, and super easy to use. These locks will keep your luggage protected while you travel. Made with a metal lock body and a vinyl-covered cable, this lock will put up with many the wear and tear and tear related to aviation.

This lock uses a three-digit combination instead of the standard four you discover on luggage locks. Small but perfectly formed, this padlock is ideal for both suitcases and backpacks.


7. Master Lock Padlock, Keyed TSA-Accepted Luggage Lock

This set of two nifty little padlocks is ideal for backpacks, bags, and suitcases. TSA Approved and straightforward to open for inspection; these front access key locks offer practical protection for your belongings.

You can open both of them with an equivalent key. So you don’t get to weigh yourself down with heavy key rings while you travel. Just 1 inch wide, these are compact locks that will do the work.



8. Wordlock LL-206-RD TSA Approved Combination Luggage Lock

TSA Approved, these luggage locks are super easy to use and do exactly what you’d expect. The 4-dial combination is straightforward to line and reset time and time again.

And, therefore, the WordLock gives you the unique opportunity to use a word you’ll remember rather than numbers. No got to worry about forgetting a variety code; words are way easier! With over 10,000 different combinations, this is often one among the simplest travel locks out there.



9.Eagle Creek 3 Dial TSA Lock & Cable

Keep all of your bags and cases alongside this rather smart lock and cable combination from the travel gurus at Eagle Creek. You’ll use this to stay your gear safe, while they secure your bag with one lock. The cable has given this lock maybe a whopping 50 inches long.

Made out of steel, would-be intruders won’t be ready to get access to your items.  Moreover,  you’ll choose a three-digit combination code that only you would like to understand. They additionally design this safety lock to easily accessible for TSA agents.



10. Lewis N Clark Triple Security Lock

This triple lock gives more security than simply one travel lock. Lock your luggage handles to your zipper or maybe lock your luggage to fixed objects with this nifty little device.

They made this lock from zinc alloy with ABS plastic housing and two braided steel cables. This 3-dial lock and cable device will keep your luggage well and truly secure while in transit. Keep all of your luggage in one place. But still enjoy quick access to your purse, wallet, or laptop bag with this unique triple locking system.



Other Travel Locks and Security Devices


1. Calstock Portable Door & Travel Lock

It’s not just keeping your luggage safe while you travel that it’s important to you. It’s also knowing that you simply are going to be safe once you reach your destination.

These locks have a unique “squeeze and slide” design that can often install in seconds.  This device will supply additional protection from any unwanted visitors entering your room. This intelligent device is ideal for doors that don’t lock or to feature an additional layer of security. Stay safe anywhere within the world together with your very own portable door lock.

2. Pacsafe 55L Backpack and Bag Protector

Featuring a singular patented chrome steel eXomesh locking system, the Pacsafe bag protector will keep your contents incredibly safe. With a 55 liter capacity, this chrome steel bag protector wraps and locks 360 degrees around your bag.

Prevent any unwanted opening with this unique steel mesh system that gives a protective and lockable netting for your luggage. The company often attach bag protector to any fixture, allowing you to go away your luggage safe while you explore. Very lightweight and straightforward to use. Slash proof and super tough, this is often an excellent addition to your travel security solutions for your next adventure.

Final Thoughts

No matter what your budget is, where you’re heading, or what proportion you’re taking with you, there’ll be a luggage lock to fit your requirements. Just keep in mind, always buy a TSA Approved luggage lock while traveling, and remember that combination code!



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