The History and Origin of Charm jewelry

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Charm jewelry are around us in centuries otherwise you can say that it had been there since a few thousand years ago.
People from pre-historic times used the charms mainly to keep off the enemy and showed their status. They made up those charms mainly of special looking stones or bones.
There are few known periods in our history where people widely utilized the charm jewelry in the society which are as follows:


Charm in the Egyptians period

The Egyptians where they used the charm to keep off evil. And also to symbolize certain things within society. Due to the strong belief charms, Egyptians even used it to reinforce fertility, assured prosperity, and lots of more.
They used charm jewelry to organize for his or her afterlife too as they believed that with burying the body with a certain charm, the soul of the dead soul will have an honest life in heaven or was ready to be protected in the afterlife.

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Charm in the Roman Period

During the time of the Roman Empire, knights believed that having a certain sort of charms will give them luck during the battle.
People widely used the charm as identification by knights and priests to urge access to their association. They kept them under the clothes and used it as some kind of identification among one another.
Besides, they used the charm as a badge, they sometimes used it as a key to open some secret passages to their underground society.


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Moreover, families that had a high social station or political standing during the Roman Empire, they need certain sorts of charm shapes to represent themselves. But the usage of charm was slowly died off during the Renaissance period, as people labeled charm as primitive beliefs.



Charm jewelry in the Renaissance Period

As mentioned before, this all happened because it mass-produced due to books during the Renaissance. However,  other people began to think that the charm was nothing but just a superstitious believes. They only employed them in the class of society. This was so-called the “Dark Age for Charms”.



Charm jewelry in the Early 20th Century

In the early 20th century, charm began to select abreast of where it had been left off, when Victoria wore a charm bracelet containing the photo of her family and also a lock of hair of her beloved husband, Prince Albert to anywhere she went.

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Because of this, people began to check out charm at various angles. Charm jewelry was then labeled as a neighborhood of decorating pieces for ladies. It had turned from superstitious belief purpose to a bit of jewelry. From there, many sorts of charm had been produced and sold to the market as jewelry. Tons of charms maker began to make charms to tons of shape and from different materials.


Charm jewelry During War II

During war II, the charm had reached its best period of attention when soldiers began to buy them as souvenirs to all or any cities that they had visited.


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Charms at Present

This trend has been happening until today, where the charm is still popular among us. This still plays a crucial to the fashionable fashion industries and also our life.

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Today, we will see within the market, there is a good range of charm designs for us to settle on from ranging. That designed supported zodiac, ancient symbols, and lots of more. Many famous charm manufacturers specialized in making quality charms like Rembrandt Charms.
Today, people give and receive the charm during the important event of their life;  such as anniversary, birthday, birth, and lots more. It’s good that charm is still going strong in our society because it has to come from an extended way since thousand years ago.


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