What is TSA Approved Luggage Lock?

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A good luggage lock will help to guard your luggage against unnecessary attention from would-be thieves. It will keep it safe while in transit.

An excellent luggage lock also will be easily accessible for the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) agents. These will get to check inside without them having to interrupt in or damage your luggage or luggage lock.

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What is a TSA Approved Luggage Lock?

To ensure the continued safety of passengers, the TSA screens all checked and carry-on luggage before allowing the bags onto any commercial airline flight.

Within the majority of cases, they often electronically screen baggage by electronic screening. That doesn’t require the traveler to open their bag.

However, once in a while, your luggage may have to be opened by a TSA agent. To ensure that your luggage is definitely accessible to TSA agents, the TSA has TSA Approved luggage locks.

They designed these TSA Approved luggage locks to use with a universal “master” key. This passkey is merely available to the TSA, so agents can access your luggage if needed, but the lock remains locked and luggage inaccessible to anyone else.

TSA Approved locks are often purchased at the airport, your general luggage store, or maybe online outlets.Some TSA Approved locks also accompany an indicator to allow you to know if TSA had to open your bag.

The indicator is going to be read after the inspection or remain green if your bag wasn’t opened. you’ll easily reset the indicator in seconds employing a pointed object, like a pen or paperclip, so can reuse the indicator for every trip.

Different sorts of Locks

When the locks involve keeping your gear safe from harm in transit, there’s a spread of various sorts of TSA Approved locks for you to settle on from.

Key Locks

The most traditional of all locking devices, a good-old-fashioned padlock needs the right key to open the device. On the flip side of that, take care thereupon key! If you lose the key, you’ll get to saw the lock apart to urge access to whatever is locked inside.

Combination Locks

Using a combination of three or 4 digits, you’ll lock your belongings faraway from would-be thieves, without having to stress about keeping track of a key. a well-liked choice with travelers, combination locks are an honest choice assuming you always remember the mixture.

If you’re forgetful, you’ll always save the mixture on your phone contacts because of the last four digits of a telephone number. For fans of the TV series Lost, “John Locke” is a superb alias to use for the contact name.

Bottom Line:

Given these locks are compact and you don’t need to worry a few physical key/card getting lost, these locks come highly recommended for his or her simple use.


Cable Locks

These locks also open with a mixture but are more versatile. Companies often utilize the cable locks in a spread of situations. Because they need a semi-flexible cable instead of a stiff metal clip to lock. Not only for suitcases and backpacks, but you’ll also even use these for lockers or strongboxes while you’re on the go.

Bottom Line:

Cable locks are an excellent alternative to regular combination locks because the flexible cable provides extra versatility.

Retractable Cable Locks

These are almost like cable locks within the sense that you simply have the choice to lock your luggage to a hard and fast object or other luggage. But these are seemingly more convenient because the cable retracts inside the lock itself.

While this sounds great in theory, unfortunately with testing, the locking mechanism seems to fail quite frequently.  Also form the cable retractable, the cable itself seems less robust than the cables utilized in the normal cable locks.

Bottom Line:

Given their tendency to fail and the way easy they’re to interrupt, retractable cable locks aren’t recommended.


Key Card Lock

Similar to the cards you employ to open hotel doors, key card locks work very similarly. A touch bit on the bulky side, these are handy if you would like to stay everything in your wallet. Because the key card will fit nicely in one among your wallet’s MasterCard folds.

Bottom Line:

It’s certainly a private preference to use these sorts of locks. Unfortunately, similarly to key locks, if you lose the cardboard, you lose the key, and you’ll get to cut the lock.


While nothing can completely guarantee the security of your belongings while you travel; a well-designed locking device can offer you an additional layer of protection that you simply won’t want to be without.

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